4000W Godzilla Loader – 9.5 Ton Operating Weight, 4 Ton Lifting Capacity, 145 HP Engine

From just $54,990+GST or around $279 per week on finance, you can get started with the Massive 4000W today 

Upgrade to a Cummins Engine for $8,990 + GST, $45 per week on finance

SUPER heavy duty, economical and reliable.  The 4000W could be exactly what you’re looking for. 


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Do you have a property you need to take care of? Or need to pick up items up to 4 ton with a set of forks? Maybe you have a farm or need to do extra work at the weekends around your property or your business?

The 4000w is a proven and reliable choice for your farm or business.  Easy to maintain, 4 ton lifting capacity and huge 145 hp.  At just $54,990+GST or around $279 per week on finance, it’s a cost effective solution for working on your property or farm.  

If you’re interested in looking at the features of the 4000W, watch the detailed video tour of the machine below.

Massive 4000W 9.5 ton loader, with 6 cylinder 145 hp engine. 

  • Operating Weight – 9500kg / 9.5 ton
  • Load Capacity – 4000 kg / 4 ton 
  • Engine – 6 cylinder, 145 HP
  • Dimensions – 7320 (L) x 2480 (W) x 3240mm (H) (+130mm alarm lamp)
  • Includes – GP bucket with 1.5m3 capacity, 4 in 1 bucket, heavy duty 1.1m forks, quick release hitch 
  • Air Conditioned Cab – for the summer, heated for the winter 
  • Warranty – 12 month parts and labour, 36 months parts warranty 
  • Delivery – Australia wide delivery available 



Just $54,990+GST or around $279 per week on finance 

  •  Easy to apply, no deposit and financing available– The Godzilla Loaders 4000W from just $279 per week, all done via experienced finance teams that search for the best deal for you. From the first day you own your new loader, no dodgy overpriced rent-to-own options
  •  Bucket and Arm Safety Lock – keep safe whilst you’re working with our additional safety features 
  •  Parking Brake – another safety feature that comes as standard with all Godzilla Loader models 
  •  Lighting Package – includes warning light, front and rear turning light, rear width light 
  •  Reverse Buzzer – alerts other workers and allows them to move out of the way whilst you’re reversing 
  •  Key Stop Engine – for the security of  your machine when left on site
  •  Lift Arm Float Control – this allows you to use your Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader to spread soil easily by back blading
  •  Large Alloy Radiator with Cooling Fan – efficient cooling of engine and hydraulic oil
  •  Hydraulic Oil Cooler – this means it keeps oil temp lower allowing you to operate longer with no issues
  •  Auxiliary Hydraulic Outputs – this means you can add many options of external accessories to your Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader
  •  Hose Coupler Fittings – this means it eliminates the chance of dirt and other foreign objects getting into your Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader
  • Quick Release Attachment Mounting Plate – you can buy attachments anywhere you like for your Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader or use ones you may have already
  •  Gauges and Warning Lights – these gauges point out if there are any issues, meaning you can stop the machine and rectify before any damage is caused allowing your Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader machine a long and reliable service life.
  •  Service Kit and Tools – included free is a tool box and service kit so you wont have to go digging for tools if you need to service or adjust something on your Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader 
  •  Engine Access Panel Hinged – this gives you easy access to all your components of your Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader 
  •  Tie Down Locations – safe security for transporting for your Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader 
  •  Emergency Stop Switch – quick and easy to hit in case of any issues while operating the machine; all standard on the Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader 
  •  Lift Hook Locations – if you have to lift your machine on to a site via a crane etc it can be done easily without any risk to your Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader 
  •  Lift Arm Safety Support – this means you are safe when using your Godzilla Loaders 4000W loader 

Upgrade to a Cummins Engine $8,990 + GST or around $45 per week on finance 


4000W Mulcher Package Upgrade $24,990+GST or around $129 per week finance

  • 4000W Mulcher Package Upgrade to the standard package 
  • Allows you to clear land easily 
  • Full width of the 4000W loader

4000W Mulcher Package Upgrade $24,990+GST or around $129 per week finance

Engine Yuchai (USA Design) 145hp
Number of Cylinders 6
Wheelbase 2670mm
Wheel track 1700mm
Dumping Height 3800mm
Dumping Reach 950mm
Min Turning Radius 5200mm
L*W*H (+Alarm lamp) 7320*2480*3240mm (+130mm)
Bucket Width 2400mm
Boom Thickness 40mm
Boom Centre Distance 960mm
Cylinder Size (back) 60/100mm
Cylinder Size (out) 80/120mm
Gearbox 315 Separated
Axle Standard 28 Axle 
Tyre 17.5-25
Drive Type 4×4
Braking Type Four wheel disc brake
Fuel Tank Capacity 140L
Hydraulic Oil Tank 140L
Time (lift+unloading+down) 13s
Working pump flow rate 220L/min
Counterweight Type Standard Counterweight
Machine Weight 9500kg
Bucket capacity  1.5 m3 
Arm thickness 40mm
Thickness of upper plate  40mm 
Hinge plate  40/30 mm 
Min ground clearance  435mm 
Speed  46 Km/h 

You can view all the Godzilla Loaders online by registering to watch the video, or view them in person at our 800 sqm factory and showroom, located in South Murwillumbah, just 15 minutes south of the Gold Coast – but please call to book a time first. All loaders are on display

Delivery at cost or you can pick up.
We organise custom pricing including the attachments you require in your package, then raise your invoice so everything is clear for you. Once you are happy with everything, you either pay your deposit to go into production, with your balance due once production is complete and your loader is ready for delivery, or if you are applying for finance, you will deal with the finance broker directly to get your loan approved.

Please note: The finance is via a broker; the criteria for applicants is that you need to be a permanent resident or citizen, and either working PAYG, or have had income on an ABN either as a sole trader or through your company.  Unfortunately Centrelink and Disability Pension do not qualify for finance.



Watch the 4000W in action 

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